Convert EPUB to Kindle perfectly

ePub to Kindle is an instrumental tool for reading eBooks on Kindle devices. With its easy-to-use interface, you are able to proceed your conversion (non-DRM) with simple "Add" and "Convert". The converted books will come to you automatically once the job is over thus there is no need to fetch the output books file by file.

Edit EPUB Metadata before converting

An eBook's metadata includes cover, title, author name, publisher, publishing date, genre, summary, etc.. Sometimes part of metadata is missing especially for the books downloaded from web. And sometimes the cover of a book is not the best edition, so you can use the metadata editor to replace the original cover with the one you like.

Easy to use, convert EPUB in 2 clicks

To convert an EPUB book to Mobi (the format for Kindle) you only need 2 clicks. First, click "Add" button to browse the files explorer and choose the files you want to convert. Second, click the "Convert" button in the lower right corner. Once the conversion process begins, you can see the remaining task number. When all the books are converted, the output folder will pop out automatically.

No contents loss or layout change

An issue concerned by many users is if there is content loss in the conversion process, or if the pattern or layout will be messed up after converting to Mobi. The answer is no. There is definitely no content loss or layout change during the conversion process.

User manual helps you get started quickly

A comprehensive user manual is provided even when the program is easy to use. You can access the specific user manual in the link below, and it is also included with the program installation.

Attentive customer service & instant help

If you experience a problem whilst using our software an instant troubleshooting guide will pop up to help you find a solution. Our customer service is online 12*6, and is totally free for technical support.

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Our Customers Love EPUB to Kindle Converter – and You Will, Too

"Great program wouldn't be without it. "

---jim walker

"So grateful that I've found this tool. Easy to use. "

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