How to Read ACSM on Kindle

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If you download an eBook from an online ebook store, and you want to read the book on your Kindle eReader, the resolution is to convert acsm to Kindle. You would ask me why and how to do. Don't worry. Here are the details.

To read acsm on a Kindle, follow these 4 steps.

  1. Using Adobe Digital Editions to open your ACSM files.
  2. Once opened, the acsm will be saved as ePub or PDF.
  3. Remove DRM from the ACSM.
  4. Convert ACSM to Kindle supported format.

how to convert acsm to kindle

The following 4 parts will address all your questions.

Part1: What's an ACSM file

After you purchase an eBook online from the public library or a private bookseller, you can download it to have a look.

what the acsm file is However, typically the downloaded file uses an .acsm suffix but not the common ePub or PDF or the Kindle format. In other words, the majority of the books you got from online stores are in ACSM format.

You may be confused about this file type since the acsm is not your actual eBook. It behaves like a link to your eBook allowing you to download the actual book.

Part2: How to Open with ACSM File

You're probably wondering which program can download the link to open the acsm file.

Go on with the topic in part 1 referred to. ACSM stands for Adobe Content Server Manager. This name suggests that Adobe manages the download of the ACSM file.

I would recommend using Adobe program Adobe Digital Editions to open your acsm file. It's the best acsm ebook reader.

install ADE to open acsm file Step1: create an Adobe account and authorize it.

Step2: run the ADE program and open acsm with it.

When Adobe Digital Editons runs, it will see the .acsm file and automatically download your book as PDF or ePub, which is the actual eBook you purchased.

Step3: read acsm file in ADE. (how to read books on ADE)


ACSM doesn't allow us to reproduce and transfer, and it can only be used on the computer where you have downloaded the books. So I can't stress this enough:

Before you buy Adobe ebooks, whether PDF or ePub, please install the Adobe Digital Editions. Only by using this software you can open the acsm file and read it on your computer.

The details are referred to at these links:

Part3: How to Add ACSM File to Kindle

As previously explained the ACSM file can only be opened with ADE on your PC. If you try to open this file with any application such as Kindle for PC rather than ADE, it will issue an error message.

This is because once we download an acsm file and open it with ADE, the acsm file will be associated to ADE (Adobe Adept DRM). There is no compatibility with Kindle or iPad.

Even worse, if we want to read acsm on Kindle, there is another problem we have to solve besides the DRM protection. It's the format limitation. This is because the Kindle only supports its own format such as AZW3, AZW, MOBI, PRC, TPZ but not the common ePub or PDF.

So here you may find the key to resolve your problem to read acsm on Kindle: Remove Adobe DRM and convert ACSM to Kindle format.

remove drm and convert the format

By following the steps below and installing this tool Ultimate Converter. It is the best DRM Removal + eBook Converter.

1Install the Ultimate Converter.


2Remove Adobe DRM.

After you have opened your acsm file with Adobe Digital Editons, you will see your book at the left hand area inside the ADE folder when you run the software. Then please drop and drag the file you want to read on kindle to the rightside area.

remove drm from acsm file to read acsm on kindle

As the image shows, it will remove the DRM automatically. You will see the "decrypted". You can also have a look at how to remove DRM from .acsm file.


If you download Kobo eBooks from official site online (with browser), the downladed file will be ACSM. But, if the books are downloaded or synced via Kobo for PC/Mac, the file will be Kepub, NOT the acsm. If you want to read them on your Kindle maybe you can have a good reading of this article read Kobo KEPUB on Kindle.

3Convert acsm to Kindle

At the "Output Format" list, you can select the output device as your Kindle eReader such as Kindle Paperwhite. Then click the "Convert" button, and the conversion will start soon.

convert acsm to kindle

You can also convert acsm to mobi at the output format list because mobi is the native kindle format (now AZW3 output format is also supported well).


convert acsm to mobi

Here is a video guide for you about using Ultimate Converter.

Part4: How to Read ACSM Files on Kindle

After the conversion, it will pop up automatically which displaying the completed ebook. You can also click the "Convert to" button again to get the converted eBook.

open folder to find converted acsm file

Now all that remains is just to transfer mobi to Kindle. Connect your Kindle device and computer via USB cable, and copy your converted acsm file from the output PC folder to your Kindle "Books" folder.

Enjoy your new eBooks!



joined Epubor since 2011, loves everything about eBooks and eReaders. He seeks the methods to read eBooks more freely and wants to share all he has got with you.

06/3/2014 19:35:46
Finally!! The best guide for the kind of operation I was trying to do
06/15/2014 13:54:37
thanks so much, this was great
07/23/2014 22:08:53
Thank you!
08/5/2014 11:20:34
thank you for your simple explanation.
10/29/2014 00:18:58
When I attempt to ope the 'ascm' file in ADE, an error window pops up stating:
                            "ERROR!CHECK ACTIVATION".
What does that mean and what should I do?
11/17/2014 19:46:00
1, Check if you ADE has been authorized.
2, Check if you are authorizing the correct account which is the owner of the book
11/1/2014 13:16:38

I got as far as Part 3/Step 2 and then received this message:

ePub. zip fixed. encrypted. iBooks fairplay encryption(contains com.apple.ibooks.display-options.xml).  Adobe Digital Editions encryption.  DeDRM4ADEEPUB: Ultimately failed to decrypt.. please make sure you can read this ebook on Adobe Digital Editions. DeDRM: Build C562
start to decrypt We Are Not Ourselves.epub
DeDRM4ADEEPUB: Couldn't Retrieve key from ADE install(Failed to decrypt user key key (sic)).
DeDRM4ADEEPUB: Ultimately failed to decrypt.

I can read this book on ADE with no problem; so what should I do so it can retrieve the user key is it complaining about?


11/17/2014 18:09:53

Hi Dan,

We've solved your problem via your tickets, sorry for the trouble.

Feel free to contact us again if have any further problem.

11/17/2014 19:24:10


Unfortunately, iBooks uses Apple's DRM, not Adobe DRM, and it doesn't need an .acsm file.

So this post is not working with Apple iBooks

01/17/2015 01:17:57
Ultimate v3.0.4.18
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "D:\Python_project\ultimate_up\installer\build\converter\out00-PYZ.pyz\initialize", line 95, in mod_main
  File "D:\Python_project\ultimate_up\installer\build\converter\out00-PYZ.pyz\information", line 945, in load_default_path_settings
  File "D:\Python_project\ultimate_up\installer\build\converter\out00-PYZ.pyz\decideShowDevice", line 67, in DeviceIsShow
  File "D:\Python_project\ultimate_up\installer\build\converter\out00-PYZ.pyz\information", line 438, in GetDefaultBooksPath
  File "D:\Python_project\ultimate_up\installer\build\converter\out00-PYZ.pyz\information", line 386, in GetDocumentsPath
WindowsError: [Error 2] Sistem belirtilen dosyayý bulamýyor
01/19/2015 02:43:37


Please redownload Ultimate Converter at here; http://download.epubor.com/epubor_ultimate.exe

And then reinstall it to have a try.

02/19/2015 04:55:56


Mine gave the problem:

ePub. zip fixed. encrypted.  Adobe Digital Editions encryption.  DeDRM4ADEEPUB: Ultimately failed to decrypt.. please make sure you can read this ebook on Adobe Digital Editions. DeDRM: Build C562
start to decrypt Persuasion.epub
DeDRM4ADEEPUB: Couldn't Retrieve key from ADE install(Failed to decrypt user key key (sic)).
DeDRM4ADEEPUB: Ultimately failed to decrypt.

02/19/2015 05:46:07


You can follow these steps to solve your problem.

1, Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on your computer and authorize your computer with Adobe ID.
2, Make sure you can read the EPUB books on ADE.
3, Run Epubor software and add the EPUB books from default ADE content folder to software's main window, and remove DRM.

Detailed info: http://inkagain.fr/faq.html#e201
If problem occurs, please delete all the books and sync again.

Any further problem, please directly open a ticket to contact us: http://ticket.epubor.com/

02/19/2015 05:59:51

Hi, I already done this steps:

1, Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on your computer and authorize your computer with Adobe ID.
2, Make sure you can read the EPUB books on ADE.
3, Run Epubor software and add the EPUB books from default ADE content folder to software's main window, and remove DRM.

But it did't work.


02/19/2015 09:51:48

Have you authorized the ADE with another Adobe ID? If so, the database may be messed up and lead to the failure of DRM removing.

Press "Ctrl + Shift + D" to erase the existing authorization information, and re-register ADE, the re-sync the EPUB books from ADE.

In summary, make everything back to the beginning: newly registered ADE, newly downloaded EPUB books.

02/19/2015 11:26:59


Thanks. I authorized the ADE with my ID, but I done again the procedure, ether way it didn't work. Do I need to buy the program?

02/20/2015 09:11:00

No, if the free trial version cannot do it, the registered version will also fail.

Is this book borrowed from a library? Or where did you buy it?

02/22/2015 08:49:30


I bought in Google Play.

Daniel Barros

02/22/2015 23:59:24

OK the Google Play books can be decrypted correctly. The most possible reason is the Adobe ID database is messed up.

The most solid solution is find a new computer which hasn't installed Adobe Digital Editions yet.

Or you can try to reinstall ADE or use some apps like CCleaner to clean the remaining information of ADE.

03/5/2015 00:15:33
This is really excellent. Thank you for providing this. I am able to upload books ( .acsm format) to my kindle with in seconds.
03/5/2015 02:38:11


Glad that our guide helps you.

04/18/2015 06:24:21


Thanks so much, perfectly simple and easy to use, have managed to move all of my epub books to my fire hdx with mimial effort! :-)

05/24/2015 08:03:54
GREAT FORMATTING! The best thing's that the formatting in the resulting MOBI file is perfect. It's exactly like the original EPUB file just compatible with Kindle. Thank you very much.
05/25/2015 20:20:41
this keeps coming up as a virus
06/10/2015 23:55:53


The problem is caused by your anti-virus program, while in fact our program is 100% clean and safe.

Our program is available on most of trusted and famous software download sites like CNet, Softpedia, Softonic, etc., they will scan all the uploaded programs to make sure the program doesn't contain any virus or malware, these sites can endorse for us that our programs are 100% clean and safe.

You can try the following method at first.

1. Uninstall the Epubor software
2. Shut down the anti-virus software
3. Download the complete setup pack from our official site http://inkagain.fr
4. Re-install the program and to see if you can launch the program
5. After the program is installed and launched, re-open the anti-virus program and add Epubor software to the white list

06/8/2015 21:10:22
Wow!  Thanks.  Worked great.  Excellent instructions.  Only one thing you left out - Ultimate Converter costs $25, although you can get a free trial to give it a try, which I did.  Not sure how long the trial lasts.
06/10/2015 20:25:29


Our program free trial allows you to process 10 books for free, once you place an order, you can request refund in 30 days.

You can upgrade the program for free, and benefit our customer tech support.

Thank you

09/1/2015 02:26:44
Good day, I am just wondering the converted MOBI format will work the same as a native MOBI file? Would their properties be the same? For instance, can I still highlight notes and save them for future access?
09/1/2015 02:51:49


Yes, converted Mobi format will keep the original content without quality losing.

Maybe you can have a try to see, converted files will not replace your original Mobi books.


09/29/2015 06:56:07
I find it really difficult and humiliating to be forced to perform an illegal action to read a book borrowed from a library on my kindle !!!
01/4/2016 13:58:27

Hello, I'm trying to convert an Adobe e-book (acsm file) to Kindle (Kindle for Mac). I've selected Kindle as my output format and the "E-book Converting" message has been up for several minutes now, with the blue loading-bar full from the start. Does that mean it's still working? If so, how long might a 118mb file take?

Also, am I doing this wrong/ is there a better way to do this?

Thanks, Ryan

01/4/2016 23:19:54


It seems your file is a little bit large, it may take a while for converting.

As long as the conversion has been finished, the output folder will pop up automatically.


01/5/2016 00:52:04
Thanks for getting back to me, I will be more patient when I try it again. I see there's no Kindle for Mac Output Format, but there is a Kindle for PC output format. If I want to convert the Adobe Digital Editions file to Kindle for Mac, which Output Format do I select?
01/5/2016 23:03:39


You can just select Mobi as output format.

01/29/2016 14:46:36

I have successfully converted the ACSM file to MOBI format!
Now, how do I open the MOBI file with the Kindle for Mac app?


01/31/2016 23:59:47


Yes, you can open it via Kindle for Mac app. If you have Kindle eReader, you can also transfer converted mobi file to it.

Thank  you !

01/29/2016 15:21:36


I want to use Kindle for Mac to read my book that is currently on Adobe Digital editions (ADE). Based on this page, my plan was to convert the ACSM file to a MOBI file so I can read the book on Kindle for Mac.

But, I am confused because: This page mentioned that once ADE opens the ACSM file, it becomes a PDF file. The page also says that you must first open the ACSM file in ADE, and then convert the ACSM file to a MOBI file using Ultimate software. BUT, if I have opened the ACSM with ADE, the ACSM file is now a PDF! That is, when I look in the right side area of the Ultimate software under ADE, my book is a PDF!

Am I supposed to convert this PDF to a MOBI file? - This method doesn't allow for the removing of the DRM from the ACSM step above; when I select this PDF to convert to MOBI using the software, and then open it in the Kindle for Mac reader, It becomes a messed-up mix of letters and partial pages; so I don't think this is the way. If it is, what am I doing wrong?

If I am supposed to be selecting an ACSM file from the right side of the Ultimate software under the ADE tab, how do I make it appear there?

Thank you, Sean

02/1/2016 00:07:43


Yes, the correct step is: open acsm file via ADE, download complete PDF, launch our Ultimate, drag PDF file to it, the DRM will be removed automatically. Then convert PDF to Mobi.

You can email to [email protected] for technical support.

Thank you !

07/18/2016 18:42:34
Um. My Kindle Fire doesn't have ADE in the app store.
08/2/2016 20:23:05
you have to download it from google playstore which you can download to your kindle
08/4/2016 02:56:48

You can only download ADE to your computer(PC or Mac), then make sure you can read your ACSM with ADE.

Once your ACSM saved as ePub or PDF, using the tool to help you convert your book to Mobi.

Then, transfer Mobi to your Kindle Fire.


09/20/2016 02:12:56
Thanks for the guide!
11/23/2016 19:08:12


Sunject: where is the converted file?

I concerted a .acsm file to Kindle format.
Great step by step tutorial....except....once converted, where IS the file so I can transfer it to my Kindle?


03/28/2017 17:33:15
Once converting finished, the output folder will pop up automatically, you can also click on "succeeded" to find them.
12/14/2016 20:17:35

Hi everyone;

I have a question. I have an ebook i am downloading it and I receive URLLink.acsm it is right but when I download same folder with safari on mac this folder downloading like URLLink.acsm.xml . How can I fix it in my codes. I am coding with c#.
This problem is because of safari. Safari decides extension of file automatically and my folder's content is xml but it is a link and after download must be .acsm extensson not acsm.xml
How can I prevent safari to not check folder's contain.

03/31/2017 09:42:59
Thanks a lot for the tutorial. I've only a question: Although I can read the book without any problem in my Kindle Paperwhite, I cannot highlight, change the font, or look up any word in the dictionary. Is there any way to do it?
06/25/2017 15:14:25
Hi after I finally figured this out I put the mobi on my Kindle but it didn't load the entire book, only a few chapters and the format is messed up. I downloaded in from my google play account.
07/19/2017 03:37:07
It doesn't convert the whole book. Not even half.
07/20/2017 09:56:05
The trial version only can convert 20% of each book.
10/22/2017 02:44:28
Well, that makes the trial version completely worthless, doesn't it?
11/5/2017 21:55:38
THank you so much!!
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