Transfer Kindle eBooks to Another Kindle Easily and Freely

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Transfer kindle ebooks to another kindle device?

Many eBook lovers may have a Kindle, and maybe his/her friends and families also have Kindle devices, so there is a question: How to transfer Kindle eBooks from one Kindle Fire or e-ink Kindle to another kindle device? Because of Amazon's account limitation, people can't transfer ebooks between Kindle devices freely.

If you are a regular visitor to our site, you must know a fact: We will always find a way to help solve all kinds of eBook reading problems, no exception with transfering books from one Kindle device to another.

If you want to transfer eBooks between two Kindle eReaders (doesn't involve Kindle Fire tablet), or between Kindle and computer, please jump to the easiest method.

Transfer ebooks from an old Kindle to a new Kindle Fire

To transfer downloaded (not purchased) books:

Step 1: Connect your old Kindle to your computer via USB.
You will find your kindle device as a drive under "My Computer", Click it and open the drive.

Step 2: There should be multiple folders. Open the folders and drag selected files from the Kindle and drop them into the computer's hard drive, transfer ebooks and other documents from the old Kindle to your computer.

Step 3: Connect another Kindle to your computer via USB, then there will be a removable disk displaying in your computer, open it and transfer the documents those files copied from your old Kindle to the new one. For audio books please put them in the Kindle's "Audible" directory, and for normal books please place them in the "Documents"  directory.

To transfer purchased books:

All your purchased Kindle booksa are stored in your account's Kindle Cloud, all you need to do is de-register your Amazon account in the old Kindle then re-register it on the new one. Go to the reading app, all the books you have ever purchased in Amazon Store will show up on your bookshelf.

Share books between two Kindle devices registered with the same account

Note of Caution:

You are allowed to register your Amazon account on several Kindle devices, then your purchased books will not auto-sync to both of your Kindles, but only the later registered one, at the same time, those already downloaded books still remain in your old Kindle.

For you newly purchased Amazon books, you can still control which device to sync the item to in the Manage Kindle page.

Step 1: Register the second Kindle with the same account registered to the first one. Maybe you purchased a Kindle Touch before then get a new Kindle Fire HD, or your friend or family have got another Kindle and you want to share your purchased book to him/her. Never mind, in one word, it is possible to register your account in another Kindle and won't do much harm on your previous Kindle. After successful registration, please go to Amazon official site then navigate to "Manage Your Content and Devices" (Formerly "Manage your Kindle"). From "Your Content" you will see all your purchased files.

manage your kindle to transfer

Step 2: Click on "Deliver" button. From the new pop up window, you can see all your registered Kindle devices and apps, which means, although you can't auto-sync your purchased books to your old Kindle device anymore, but you can also manually deliver them to any of your registered device.

deliver to kindle

Up by now, you have learnt how to transfer contents from an old Kindle device to a new one; and how to register on two Kindle devices with the same account and transfer purchased contents to them.

But what if you are not convenient to share your account with anyone else but only some books? Yes you can lend them out, but you must sacrifice your own 15 reading days, which is not that satisfying.

Therefore you need a method to share and transfer your books among unlimited Kindle devices.

Transfer downloaded / purchased eBooks to other Kindle devices

Transfer downloaded (DRM-free) books to other Kindle devices:

For DRM free eBooks, you can easily transfer them to other Kindle devices with USB cable freely.

You just need to simply plug your Kindle to computer with the USB cable, then there will be a removable disk, open the disk and find the books you want to transfer to other Kindles, then copy them out to your local drive. Now things have been finished with this Kindle.

Plug another Kindle on your computer and it will be recognised as a removable disk soon. Paste the books you previously copied out to the current Kindle device. For a Kindle Fire (HD) model, make sure to put the DRM-free Kindle books (mostly MOBI) to "Books" folder. Now you can read those books on another Kindle freely.

Transfer purchased Amazon books to other Kindle devices:

If you do not want to give your account to other people to login, or do not want to lend your books out. You have to remove your Amazon books' DRM to make them sharable.

And all you need is just a professional program to decrypt your Kindle books. Click the buttons below then you can get it:


For how to operate this software, please refer to this introduction: http://inkagain.fr/remove-drm-from-amazon-kindle.html

After getting the DRM free Amazon books, you can just transfer them to other Kindles as the above method shows.

Tips: If you want to transfer Amazon Kindle books to non-Kindle devices like iPad, Nook, Sony, and other eReaders which don't accept Mobi format, you need to remove the DRM first then convert those books to ePub format, which are suitable for other eReader devices.

The Easiest Solution: Use Kindle Transfer

Recently more and more epubor loyal customers sent emails to ask us like "Does epubor plan to develop a tool to help me transfer Kindle books directly?", good news is our technicians have developed this tool to meet your demands.

Here is our new product, Kindle Transfer.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

It transfers Kindle books to another Kindle, or to computer, and even to Kobo devices.

transfer kindle to another kindle

From the screenshot above, you can easily figure out how to use this software.

  1. Connect your two Kindle eReaders to computer.
  2. Open Kindle Transfer
  3. Click on the source device, tick the books you want to transfer.
  4. Choose target device in the drop-down menu, then click "Transfer" button.

That's all, with 4 easy steps, you can transfer any book from one Kindle to another. By the way, this software can also transfer eBooks between computer and Kindle, you can also try to transfer some EPUB files and check if you can read them on Kindle.




works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

01/22/2012 16:01:28
my wife has a kindle and I have a kindle how do I transfer ebooks from my kindle to her kindle
02/13/2012 00:54:35
you can lent your kindle books to your wife in amazon account setting (only 14days).
also you can remove kindle drm first,so you can share your kindle books to anybody anywhere.
Try Kindle DRM Removal.
02/5/2017 04:46:12
transfer life asmoung apachies
09/12/2013 06:15:35
Answered all my questions on ebooks on my kindle to my daughters. Thanks.
09/12/2013 06:15:45
Answered all my questions on ebooks on my kindle to my daughters. Thanks.
03/8/2017 02:02:19
I want transfer books from Matthew robson to Matthew robson's second kindle
11/9/2013 14:06:07
Transferred books as per your article but cannot  find books on computer and the books are no longer on my kindle. What went wrong .
11/11/2013 01:45:47
Can you provide more details? Like, did you try to transfer books from kindle paperwhite to new generation of kindle paperwhite?
12/14/2013 18:49:46
Very helpful, I was able to move books from a used Kindle I bought to my new Kindle!
06/10/2014 10:37:24
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11/19/2014 11:12:07
I have tried unsuccessfully to "deliver" a book in my paperwhite to my other old version (2008) kindle.  The book just does not appear.  Both are on the same account.
What am I doing wrong.  
11/19/2014 18:24:45
The old version (2008) Kindle doesn't support the new format from Paperwhite. Please convert the file to .mobi then try again.
11/22/2014 12:36:03
I have transferred a book from my old 2008 kindle to my paperwhite,  but can't go the other way.  You say to convert the file to MOBI.  How is that done, step by step??
11/23/2014 20:33:02
You can use a freeware called Calibre to convert files to .mobi format. Use the search box in our site then you can find relative guide posts. Thank you
12/29/2014 04:39:43

Dear Sir/Madam,

My wife has recently bought a kindle device (touch screen) for me and registered on the same account as her old kindle device.
I tried all your advice to enable her books to appear in my new kindle, but the minute I switched it all downloaded book have disappeared!
I tried to connect it via USB to the computer, but the comp failed to recognise it! Could you please help.

Thanks in advance,



01/25/2015 12:40:31
i purchased a kindle fire for my granddaughter. I now want to purchase children's story books for her kindle. She lives in another city. How do I purchase the books for her, and send them to her Kindle? Thanks a bunch.
01/26/2015 19:33:48


Your daughter can sign in with your Amazon account to sync the books and download them. You can also use our software to remove DRM from the books and then directly send the DRM free ebooks to her.

01/27/2015 22:55:16
i purchased a kindle fire for my granddaughter. I now want to purchase children's story books for her kindle. She lives in another city. How do I purchase the books for her, and send them to her Kindle? Thanks a bunch.
02/12/2015 14:25:26
Do you have to pay again to download your books.
05/29/2015 15:41:18
Life saver!!! Kindle doesn't have the book I wanted anymore so when I got my new kindle I was upset I had the second book but not the first. Thank you so much know I got the first book again.
07/1/2015 04:04:41
Hi, Once you transfer the books from Kindle A to another Kindle B (different accounts), are they removed from Kindle B when you log in to Amazon to purchase/download another book? thx
07/2/2015 08:34:44
have a failing kindle which has two thousand books on that have been sideloaded, thinking of buying a new one can I download these onto my new one these are not amazon books.?.thank's. brian.//
08/3/2015 01:46:47
I have 2kindles registered to me how do l transfer one book to another same model l have an I pad bot not a computer can you help me please
12/8/2015 03:06:49
Maybe you can have a free trial of this new product, Epubor Kindle Transfer.
09/28/2015 16:52:35
I am wondering if someone can help me. My parents both have kindle's under the same amazon account but each kindle is registered under their name. My mom bought a book but she sent it to my dad's kindle by mistake. She is asking me how to move it to her kindle and I am not sure how to move the book from one registered kindle to another. Would I just log into their amazon account and go to the manage kindle page and manually transfer that book from my dad's kindle to moms?
01/28/2017 20:53:56
They need to log into their amazon account. Under 'Accounts & Lists' there is a 'Manage your content & devices' choice. Choose that and you can find the app or book that you want to transfer. There is an action box by each item. If you choose that there is a deliver option there. If you choose others, it will bring a list of your devices on that account. Then you just choose the device you want it on and click on deliver.
10/2/2015 03:52:00

I am upgrading from an older Kindle with a keyboard Gen2 maybe (About 4 or 5 years old (good working order - will become the wife's.)to the new, cheap one - one below paperwhite. I have copied the documents file from Kindle # 1 to my P.C. Every title has 4 files *.el, *.phl, *.azw3 and *.apnx

The "documents" flder has sub-folders -looks like every author and sometimes more than one folder per author containing 2 types of files - *.MOBI and *.apnx

I assume I can copy the entire "documents" file as is to my kindle # 2? taking both groups of files.

Please confirm. Hoping to do all this today, tomorrow at the latest.

Thanks very Much.

Bob F.

10/2/2015 03:52:03
For decrypting books from Kindle device:
1, Connect Kindle to computer with USB cable.
2, Directly drag the books from rightside column into leftside main window.

For decrypting books from Kindle for PC/Mac:
1, Download and authorize Kindle for PC/Mac with your Amazon ID.
2, Launch Kindle for PC/Mac, sync all books to your computer and make sure you can read all the books.
3, Run Epubor software, all done.

Detailed info: http://inkagain.fr/faq.html

10/2/2015 05:13:49

4 files, but just one ebook file.
You can't read the ebook file on any other devices, it's contains DRM.
Why not download the software one this site?
download and install Epubor Ultimate then connect your Kindle device to you PC/Mac, the device will show on the software's right side.

Remove the DRM at first, then copy the decrypted files to new devices.


06/20/2016 14:33:34
I bought a Kindle Fire HD 7" about a year and a half ago.  I loaded it with hundreds of books. I recently bought a second Kindle Fire HD 7" so that I could leave one at work and not have to take it back and forth.  I would like to have ALL of my books on the second kindle but I don't want to go through the 10-at-a-time thing in "manage content" on Amazon.  Is there a way that I can put all of my books on the second kindle without losing anything from the first kindle?
06/28/2016 01:34:32

On your new Kindle, just log in with the same Kindle account, and "Sync".

Soon all those purchased Kindle files will be shown on your new device.

07/1/2016 11:48:49
I have just bought a kindle paper white ,I have the 2nd generation original kindle can I just transfer from the old to the new ? I have looked at the instructions on the web site it is not clear you make things seem very difficult is there not an idiots guide? There is for almost everything else.
07/19/2016 20:21:17
I have a kindle touch purchased in 2012. It won't switch on although it is fully charged. I have had a quote of $98 to fix it but I may as well get a new one. How can I transfer the books that are on my old kindle to a new one if the old one won't switch on.
08/4/2016 02:54:39

If so you can only using your new Kindle and then log in with the same Amazon account.

Then all you purchased books will be shown in your Kindle Cloud, click books' cover to begin downloading.

05/18/2017 03:13:45
Hi,I have about 100 books purchaced through my wifes account on my own older kindle but its recently got a cracked screen which is beyond repair, I have replaced it with a new Oasis but wonder how to transfer my books whilst setting up my own account. my computer is an Apple Mac.
Many thanks for your halp.
05/19/2017 11:10:54

Method 1: Create your "Households and Family Library".
Link your account to another account.
You can read these books on your device from your family library.
Detailed steps: http://inkagain.fr/share-kindle-fire-books-with-friends.html#M4

Method 2: Try our <a href="http://inkagain.fr/ultimate.html"> Epubor Ultimate</a> to remove DRM. Then you can backup all books and transfer as you want.

07/15/2017 01:38:28
How do I download books that I ordered and received on my Ipad and want to also read on my Kindle G4? paperwhite.  Make directions simple because I am old and obsolete
07/20/2017 09:50:00
We are sorry to inform you that our software does not support books purchased from iBooks.
07/26/2017 02:03:13

how to transfer a purchased e-book from one amazon kindle account to another, mind you that both accounts are in amazon kindle app in an android phone

and thnx

07/26/2017 17:03:37
To transfer Kindle books from one account to another. First of all, you have to download the kindle books to your computer via Kindle for PC. Then run Epubor Ultimate to convert them to MOBI format. Then you can read this guide to transfer the Kindle books to your android device.
09/28/2017 19:36:48
I have an old Kindle which is gradually dying as the battery fails to maintain a charge, also page turning has become erratic jumping forward multiple pages on occasions.  In the next few days I am being given a latest model as a birthday present and will need to transfer a number of books from old to new.  What will I have to do for this transfer to ensure I do not lose any of the books?
09/30/2017 02:25:09
I am glad for commenting to let you understand of the outstanding experience my friend's princess went through reading your web page. She even learned some pieces, which included how it is like to have an amazing giving spirit to make the mediocre ones clearly understand a variety of advanced things. You really exceeded our own expected results. I appreciate you for displaying those powerful, dependable, edifying and even fun tips about that topic to Ethel.
11/30/2017 23:57:53


I have just downloaded and installed your KINDLE TRANSFER software
When I open it up and connect any Kindle Fire (mine and my wife's), on the left pane it shoes:
Slot1 - No eReader connected
Slot2 - No eReader connected

What am I doing wrong?


12/11/2017 15:42:51
We are sorry to inform you that Kindle transfer does not support Kindle fire. It supports Kindle and Kobo e-ink device.
12/4/2017 15:56:28
Your user interface sucks. But, your DRM removal tool and your translation tool is amazing. Once a person figures out how to use it, it is beautiful. I translated my whole library of more than 2,000 books without further incident. Everything was automatic. The program chugged along without further help from me. It took about 36 hours to complete. There were only 12 fails. Amazing. I will take kind of success rate any day. 99.5% success rate. WOW. But, getting a batch translation for 2100 items started is a trick, not explained well in the manual. Is there a manual? I paid the $50 for the free upgrades because I hope that this magnificent machine can be better integrated. And, can those remaining titles be brought back into the fold?
The Kindle is an amazing machine, that could be made amazinger. Looking for more amazinger software from you guys. How about translating into DOC files. Let's make this ultimate software ultimate. Huh?
12/11/2017 15:56:00
Thank you for your feedback.We are glad to know that all most all books have been converted successfully. For the failed books, please contact the Epubor customer service via tickets. They will solve your problem ASAP.
12/23/2017 12:42:09
Hi I recently downloaded and purchased kindle transfer to transfer books between my kindle and my mother’s kindle.  It worked for a few books however when we plug in both our kindles not all our books are showing up so we can transfer.  It is only showing 12 books from my mothers and only 24 books from mine and we both have well over 300 books. Are we doing something wrong??? Please help?? Thank you
01/2/2018 22:03:14
You are hiding the 'Angelnana' name, you missed one ... hehe :)
01/3/2018 09:16:33
Yes, you find it!
02/18/2018 06:52:51
Can I send ebooks from my computer to a friend? if so, how do I do it - please explain in very simple language, since I am old and not very computer literate!
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